what we do

web development

We will bring your ideas to life and maintain it. We can make you unique web identity, web service, company website and even more. Our concept is to deliver the best to you and your customers.

Software Development

Give us your requerements and we will offer you a solution, develop it, test it, deliver it and keep it up-to date. We have experience with accounting software, bitcoin, LND, blockchain software, astrology software and football (prediction and analisys) software. We are open minded so everything new is a new challenge for us.

marketing & SEO

Web is huge, so in order to be recognizable you need apply independent marketing strategy. You want to be the first on google and other search engines, then we have to work on the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO). This way you can gain more traffic to your website, web service. We use different tehniques for every nische. When you combine the marketing with SEO you can reach more traffic then ever.